Shipping Info

shipping-infoRORO (Roll On Roll Off the ship): The car is driven onto the ship, and then driven off at the destination port.
Ocean freight for this kind of shipping is calculated by multiplying the freight rate by the






Here is a list of current M3 prices to popular ports, and some container freight charges.

If your port is not listed or you would like to learn the M3 of any particular vehicle, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information.
Australia M3 x $101
Canada (Toronto) Container: $2450/20’DC + FAF $733 + THC jpy32000 + AMS $25 + CCT $8.05
Canada (Vancouver) M3 x $100 New Westminster (Yokohama only) M3 x $80
(Iquique Port) UNDER 13M3 US$900 / UNIT
UNDER 19M3 US$1,000 / UNIT
Durban 45-65
England M3 x$76
Gabon, Libreville M3 x $211 (under 2T)
(Saint George’s) M3 x $175 (prepay)
Hong Kong 42000yen set fee for under M3 12 (12-15 = 45000yen)
Italy (Sanova) M3 x $105
Kenya M3 x $65
Maldives, Male Container only 20ft $2200 40ft $4200
Mauritius M3 x $90
Mongolia $5300 / 40′ HC, $3400 / 20′ (container sharing available)
Myanmar, Yangon M3 x $72
New Zealand Under M3 20 NZD $1235 Under M3 30 $2650
Pakistan/Karachi Under 14 M3: M3 x $101 Over 14M3: M3 x $106
Poland M3 $107 Gdynia
Singapore 55000yen set fee for under M14
Solomon Islands (Honiara) M3 x $199
Sri Lanka, Colombo M3 x $55 20ft container $1500. 40ft container $2260
Tanzania: M3 x $65
Trinidad and Tobago M3 x $125 Port of Spain
UAE M3 x $60
Vladivostok $350/unit

Container shipping.
Containers come in three sizes.
20 foot containers, 40 foot containers, and 40 foot High Cube containers.
There are loading and terminal handling charges involved with container shipping.